OV Experience – Music Artist Training School

Maybe You're Not A Christian Artist, Maybe You're An Artist Who's A Christian.

Have you been wondering to yourself what direction you should go with your music? What if you didn’t have to chose between the Christian or mainstream music industry? What if missions is the key to operating in both!

My name is Nate (aka Dezzei) Director of One Voice Music and I want to show you how to package the gospel message in your music and live a missionary lifestyle, while avoiding the “Christian Box”. That’s why I’m inviting artists and producers of all genres to our headquarters in Pasadena, CA this August 5 – November 22 for the OV Experience (OVX). Maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for?

Welcome to the ov experience - music track

Supernatural Song-writing

Leverage our 10 years of experience in public high schools to refine your ability to translate God's word into a message that resonates with non-believers.

Recording & Production

Immerse yourself in professional production, recording, mixing and mastering. Our producers will share their secrets on how to develop an idea into a polished work of music.

Marketing Strategies

Learn our marketing secrets! We'll show you how our artists are effectively marketing their music without major budgets or industry connections.

Performance and Outreach

Create original music for use in our outreaches to public high schools in Los Angeles, CA. Students will have the chance to audition for a performance of their own music.

now accepting students for fall 2019

The OV Experience – Music Track will be held between the following dates:

August 5, 2019 – November 22, 2019

The main bulk of the OV Experience will be held at our headquarters:

One Voice Student Missions Headquarters
490 Union Street
Pasadena, CA

$650: Required by June, 2019
$2700: Required by July, 2019
$1500: Required by October, 2019

Total: $4850

Similar to any missions trip or ministry training program you may raise funds from friends and family in your church and community.

A One Voice Student Mission’s staff member will coach you on how to raise 100% of your tuition to OVX and will be there step by step to walk you through the process!

what leaders are saying about
one voice student missions

“I am so encouraged by the work that Brian Barcelona and One Voice Student Missions is doing to impact campuses across the nation. Nothing is more critical in this hour then to reach the youth of America where they are at every day. I am grateful for the heart and passion to lay down their lives for the next generation.”
Banning Liebscher
Jesus Culture
“On behalf of Christ for all Nations, I would like to fully endorse One Voice Student Mission’s work on the high school campuses of America. l want to encourage the church to get behind what God is doing in seeing the youth of this nation reached with the gospel.”
Daniel Kolenda
Christ for All Nations
“Brian Barcelona is a young man possessed with the very truth that God wants to reach high schools. He is one-of-a-kind. He has a vision that the Lord has given him and I personally have come alongside of him to help him for the mission that God has given. No high school is too lost or too far gone for the Lord to reach.”
Todd White
LifeStyle Christianity

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success stories from real artists!

+100K STREAMS IN first 3 MONTHS!!

In February 2019 Valerie Bonz officially released her first single with One Voice Music on Spotify. Valerie had a unique vision for her music and didn’t fit into the typical “christian artist” mold. She was living here in Pasadena CA as one of our full-time missionaries with One Voice and was reaching youth in public schools on a weekly basis.

Just 3 months since her first release in February Valerie has over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and is still climbing. What might shock you is that we only spent a few hundred dollars on her marketing. Let me repeat that ONLY A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS, that’s it!

Valerie is a great example of an artist who has decided not to chose sides, and is enjoying success with her music. She’s paving her own path and God is using her music to touch people inside and outside of the Church.

why combine music and missions?

One Voice Student Missions is a missional community in Pasadena, CA founded by author/speaker Brian Barcelona. Our sole focus is reaching public high schools with the gospel of Jesus Christ. For 10 years One Voice has used lunchtime gatherings, student discipleship, and school-wide events to reach thousands of students in LA and all throughout the US.

Valerie Bonz, Adrien Lamont, and Dezzei at Woodrow Wilson High School in East Los Angeles.

One Voice Music started as a collective family of artists/missionaries reaching youth with their music in the mission field of public high schools. It’s not enough to just engage with youth through outreach and discipleship programs. You have to insert yourself into their daily life to make a deep impact. One Voice Music was created to influence the culture of high schools in America.

Interested in OVX? Let's Chat 🙂

Please sign up with your name, email, and phone number so we can get in contact with you. We are so excited to meet you and talk more with you!